My Dream Job Modified

Working for the Toronto Maple Leafs would be a dream come true bearing that the organization is run the same way it is now and shown above in the picture. The structure is something that we focus on and the framework of the organization and how it should be run.

The organization has now gone through some changes and has decided to merge with the Toronto Blue Jays of the MLB and the Toronto Raptors of the NBA. The unfortunate part now is that instead of each team having representatives to support the players and be there when they need them, the organizations decided to cut members of each team’s staff, and just use one or two for all the teams combined. The idea of this is to build a winning culture in Toronto. They have been bought out by a Billionaire, and he has decided to merge all of the organizations into one. They still have to play their own sports respectively, but the teams will be run under the new owner’s discretion. The unfortunate part is the new owner does not know anything about sports but has already sent out a message to the coaches and general managers stating that if he does not like the way the team is being run, then they will find a replacement. He has stated that a mandatory meeting will take place every 2 weeks, to check in with the coaches to make sure things are being run properly and the way he wants them to be run.

After meeting wit the owner, he is trying to preach the complete opposite of what the organization is previously run, which stated above is a relaxed, positive and happy atmosphere around the rink. He wants coaches who are hard-nosed and will make the players work as hard as they can every single day. He preaches toughness and making sure the players are feared to make a mistake. This completely changes the dynamics of how I coach the team as I am the complete opposite. Fortunately for me, there are other coaching jobs available for me in the NHL, but for the purpose of the assignment, let’s say I have two kids in school and my wife has a stable job that she will not leave, forcing me to stay in Toronto.I now have to find a way to convince the new owner of the reason why I coach this way, why I believe it is effective and why this structure is something I do not want to change, without causing him to fire me.

I have already lost two close friends of mine who worked in our organization for the players who needed help or assistance because of the new owner, and now our whole structure in communicating with our players has changed. Going forward with this job is going to be very difficult, as the other coaches from their respective teams are disappointed with the merger, but are willing to fully cooperate to keep their job. Based on my wife, kids, and the ability to coach the game I love, I chose to cooperate with the owner and continue coaching the Toronto Blue Jays.

Structural changes:

  1. 2 of my staff members who myself and the players were close with lost their job and will not continue working with our team
  2. Three major organizations now joined into one company, being run the same way.
  3. The freedom of coaching the way I believe is right is out the window and cannot be used.
  4. I will be coaching a different way and a way I am not comfortable with because of our new owner.
  5. We are not looked upon as the City of Toronto Sports Organization, not the Toronto Maple Leafs.
  6. Mandatory meetings twice a month with the other coaches and owner to make sure everything is done properly.
  7. Being taught how to do my job along with my other staff members

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