Organizational Complexity – Arizona Coyotes

1: How complex is your organization internally? Place your organization on the following chart. Defend your responses and reference sources.

The Arizona Coyotes are considered a “flat” organization on the organizational complexity graph. Their organization fits the definition perfectly, as they are low on horizontal and high on vertical differentiation. They have Large middle management that focuses on information processing. Their President of Hockey Operations Gary Drummond overseas decision that the organization is making and leaves the general manager John Chayka and Head Coach Dave Tippett in charge of directing his staff members. Under the general manager and head coach, they have an assistant general manager, 3 assistant coaches, 2 goaltender coaches, 1 video coach, 2 development coaches, 1 skills coach, 1 skating coach, 1 hockey operations coordinator, and 1 manager of team services (Coyotes, n.d.). All of the individuals listed above have important roles in the organization while making decisions best fit for the success of the players. The organization relies on each individual to strive in its designated role in order to help the players achieve the best success. They have the ability to recruit these staff members form all over the world, as this is the highest level of hockey that you can compete with, making the recruiting process much easier.

2: Locate your organization on the figure, what is the complexity?unnamed

The vertical depth of the Arizona Coyotes organization would be a 2. They have many individuals who can make impact decisions, but they still have a hierarchy in management that makes the final call and many of the important decisions.

The horizontal depth of the Arizona Coyotes organization would be a 4. The task specialization is crucial and all of the members have their own important roles. The difference between many of these individuals is very small, but there is still some hierarchy involved in the organization.

3: Does your organization’s complexity fit its structural configuration?


The Arizona Coyotes organization fits the “type 3” or “flat” structural configuration.

4: Is there “fit” across the organization’s components? What do we know now about how our organization aligns across these categories? What would make them more effective? Should your organization change its structure based on its complexity?

The organizations components did in fact fit across the organizations structural complexity. Other than the company’s configuration, it matched the other three categories down the chart. Looking at this chart and what it entails, it proves that the Arizona Coyotes rely on many of their staff members to make an impact on the team. They have many different specialized roles, each having a significant impact on the players performance. I do not believe that the Coyotes organization should change its structure based on its complexity because they are trending in the right direction. Their management and organizational staff has found a successful way to work together while keeping the organizations goals in sight.


Coyotes, A. Hockey operations. Retrieved February 21, 2017, from




One thought on “Organizational Complexity – Arizona Coyotes

  1. This is good. Be careful not to assume that this company is perfect just because they are doing well right now. If alignment is not achieved, then according to organizational design theory an company will not be as effective as it could be. You will need to identify their biggest issue in the next stage and propose workable solutions for the company. You had several spelling errors.


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